Oregon Society of Tax Consultants, Inc.

About O.S.T.C

First and foremost, we are a group of individuals who are engaged in or concerned with the business of preparing tax returns for compensation.  We have a strong interest in the improvement of our skills. We strive to obtain quality education at a reasonable cost.  By coming together in an association with others who have similar goals, we have found that our common interests have enables us to share experiences, gain valuable knowledge and work together for the benefit of our profession.

Since we are spread over a large geographical area, making it impractical to all meet together at frequent enough intervals to achieve our goals of reasonable priced, quality education, our organization is structured to provide for locally affiliated groups (local units).  Each affiliated group is entitled to representation on the Board of Directors of the parent corporation.  Those representatives, along with the elected officers of the corporation, have the responsibility for guiding the future of our profession. 

Their dedication to their task has achieved a continuing program of quality education since 1975, and has resulted in our organization being recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and the Oregon Department of Revenue as a group which is working to provide better and more professional products to the taxpayer.

By joining with us in this endeavor, you show your desire to work for yourself and others in the task of meeting the goals of the organization. 

Some of the most obvious benefits are: 

  • Low cost education
  • Quality speakers
  • Network with other professionals
  • Socializing with Peers
  • Web Site - www.OSTCINC.org
  • Periodic informational newsletter - Tax Fax
  • 8 Units located around the state
  • Free RIA Federal Tax Handbook, if membership dues are paid by 9/30

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