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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What does OSTC stand for?
Oregon Society of Tax Consultants.

Q.  What does OSTC offer that other organizations do not?
At OSTC, we put our members first. We try to provide quality education at a reasonable price and do it in a friendly manner.

Q.  Who can be a member in OSTC?
Anyone who prepares taxes or assists in the preparation of taxes, i.e. LTP, LTC, EA, CPA & Attorney, plus anyone with an interest can join as a Contributing Member (pays Ĺ dues but no voting rights).

Q.  How many Units are there in OSTC and where are they located?
We have 8 Units around the State. They are located in central areas: Columbia River Unit represents the Portland area; Capitol Unit represents the Salem area; Santiam Unit represents the Albany/Corvallis area; South Willamette Unit represents the Eugene/Springfield/Cottage Grove area; Umpqua River Unit represents the Roseburg/Myrtle Creek area; High Desert Unit represents the Bend/Redmond/La Pine/Central Oregon area; Grants Pass Unit represents the Grants Pass/Medford area; South Shores Unit represents the North Bend/Coos Bay/Southern Coast area.

Q.  Where do I find a monthly Unit meeting?
Go to the ostcinc.org website and click on each Unit to see where and when they meet.

Q.  How many hours of education can I get as a Member of OSTC?
Most Units have monthly meetings and offer 2 hours of education, either free or at a nominal fee.

Q.  How many hours of education can I get by attending the State functions of OSTC?
The State has 3 seminars each year: in January there is a 6 hour for $25 seminar in each of the 8 Units; in May, a Spring Fling seminar is held in Newport and offers 12 hours for $135 (includes 2 lunches); and in September our annual Convention is held, where we offer between 16 to 20 hours for $185 (includes 2 lunches & a banquet).

Q.  How do I join OSTC?
If you are a new member, go to our website ostcinc.org, click on Download Forms, and then click on New Member Application. Fill out the application and mail it, along with the dues and initiation fee, to the State Treasurer. Or, click on the Unit that you are interested in joining and contact one of their Officers. As a new member, prorated dues will be an option for you.

Q.  How do I renew my dues and what is the cost?
If you have been a member within the last 3 years, go to the website, click on Dues, and then click on Changes/Dues Renewal. Dues renew from July 1st to June 30th and are $60/year. If you are paying after July 31st, there is a late fee of $50 you would have to add to renew your dues, for a total of $110.

Q.  Can I renew my Dues on-line?
Yes, you can go to Dues on the Home Page, click on Member Renewal, and follow from there.

Q.  Does OSTC have a name badge?
Yes, and you should be able to get one from the Unit that you join. The Unitís Secretary should give any new member a name badge. If not, ask the Unit President. We request that you wear your name badges to ďall OSTC FunctionsĒ. Some Units may access a badge fine if you are a member and are not wearing your name badge. We encourage our members to wear their name badges.

Q.  Do I need to wear my name badge at State events?
Yes, the State will be accessing a badge fine at all events. To be eligible for door prizes at State events, you will need to be wearing your name badge. If you do not have one, ask one of your unitís officer.

Q.  Where do I get a list of the Membership?
We no longer provide a membership list except to the Unit Presidents due to privacy issues.

Q.  How often should I receive a financial statement from my Unit?
Each Unitís Treasurer should provide a Treasurerís report at each business meeting.

Q.  Do I get a discount at other tax organizations as an OSTC Member?
No, we do not offer a discount to other organizations and we normally do not receive one. We keep our prices extremely low, thus they are for our members only.

Q.  Can I attend other Unitís Education and what are the costs?
Yes, all Units offer OSTC members the same price for education, unless they are holding a special once a year ďMember Appreciation EventĒ. In that case, there may be a somewhat higher fee for other OSTC Unit members.

Q.  How can I volunteer to help in OSTC?
Either by calling one of the Unit or State Officers (see list of Officers on our Home Page) or check one of the boxes when you renew your dues. If you do not hear back from anyone, call a State Executive Board Officer.

Q.  What if I want to run for an office in OSTC?
We encourage anyone who wants to run for an office to contact the Election Chairperson (see Committee Members on the Home Page).

Q.  Does OSTC have Bylaws and/or Standing Rules?
Yes, once you are a member in Good Standing you will receive a code to see both the Bylaws and Standing Rules on our website.

Q.  Is OSTC a Registered Non-Profit Organization?
Yes, we are a 501 (c)-6 Corporation.

Q.  How do I open OSTC XML files?
Click here to learn how to open our various XML files.

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