Oregon Society of Tax Consultants, Inc.

Membership Levels

Regular Membership:
Is for those licensed by the Board of Tax Services Examiners. These members can attend seminars at member prices and has one vote at our annual membership meetings.

Participating Membership:
Is for those licensed by another licensing board and those not licensed but work in a related profession. These members have the full rights of the regular member.

Contributing Membership:
Is for those who would like to attend our functions and are non-licensed but have an interest in the objective of this corporation, they do not have a vote.

Lifetime Membership:
Is granted by the board of directors for their long time dedication. They have the full privileges of a regular member.

Complimentary Membership:
This is offered to all new licensed preparers from date of license issuance until June 30th. At that time they are offered the opportunity to become regular members.

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