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The Oregon Society of Tax Consultants, Inc. was organized in 1975 in Roseburg, Oregon as an organization composed of Tax Consultants, Tax Preparers and CPA's to provide licensees with inexpensive quality education, social activities, comradeship. OSTC keeps an eye on legislation that may affect our profession.  All of this is at a cost that even part-time consultants and preparers can afford.

Our bylaws say that the express purpose of this corporation is to maintain and elevate the standards of proficiency and integrity of the services performed by the members operating and known as Tax Consultants, Tax Preparers, Tax services or titles of similar import. These services provided to the public, shall be made available with the primary objective of serving the best interest of the clients.

O.S.T.C. has five levels of membership:

Since we are widely spread over the state this makes it impractical to all meet together at frequent intervals in order to be able to achieve our goal of reasonably priced, professional quality education.  Our organization is structured to provide for local affiliated units. Each unit may enact their own bylaws to govern the operation of their unit as long as they do not conflict with the parent corporation.  Each affiliated unit is entitled, through it's president or designated representative, to representation on the Board of Directors of the parent corporation, along with the elected executive officers have the responsibility of guiding our organization.  At our annual meeting each year the members can express their opinion and cast their votes foe executive officers and any other business that may come before the membership.

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